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TERA Technologies, Inc.

Software Engineering Services

No matter what business you're in, managing your company as a technology-enabled whole is critical for success in today's environment. TERA designs and implements solutions that combine the best of emerging technologies with the still-valuable components of legacy systems. As a result, your systems ramp to a new level of functionality, practicality and usefulness. Customers tell us they enjoy their work more, while spending substantially less on software development.


  • Design, Development and Implementation
    We offer a complete suite of custom software development services. We use a rigorous set of processes to govern our work product, from the generation of high-level specifications and progress milestones to final delivery and acceptance.

  • Quality Assurance, Automated Testing and Documentation
    TERA has extensive experience in documentation, quality assurance processes and methodologies, points of assurance in which we continually over-deliver and exceed our client's expectations. Often, in fact, clients ask us to perform code reviews on existing applications to generate documentation. This tactic can rescue a design with missing or non-existent documentation, allowing an application to be ported to another platform or used in a different environment or country.

  • Research and Proof of Concept Applications
    TERA is often asked by its clients to investigate or recommend new technology solutions. Many times we develop or assist in developing "Proof of Concept" applications designated for a specific marketplace.

  • Personal/Mobile Device Access and Integration
    With extensive experience in developing applications for Mobile devices, we stand ready to implement the latest computing technologies and use of the X Internet (i.e., Extended / Executable).

  • Legacy Applications and Software Maintenance
    Our team has supported a complete suite of client / server custom applications and e-business platforms, including complete re-writes of core systems, re-architecture efforts, data cleansing for porting to new systems and release updates.

  • Multi-platform Support
    We are known as a "go to" resource for clients who need to port applications from one platform to another or to support development on multiple platforms at the same time, enabling you to enter new markets early.

  • Multi-lingual Support
    We have deep experience with internationalization and localization of software, including double-byte architecture required by Far Eastern languages such as Japanese, Korean, Chinese and more. We have also converted software from English to French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian languages and stand ready to use our methodologies and processes to support others as well.

  • Special Projects
    If you have a special need and don't know whom to turn to, talk to us. You may be surprised how seamlessly we can handle your special needs. From simulations to proprietary meta languages, from complicated algorithms development to routine, repetitive tasks, we can do it. Just one call, and leave the rest to us.