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TERA Technologies, Inc.

Why Us


We have more than twenty years of record of reliable offshore software engineering. Over that time TERA has delivered value to clients by successfully completing countless projects on multiple platforms.

TERA's engineers, both in rank and file and in company leadership, have been the enablers of our success so far and we expect that to continue into the future.


TERA takes pride in everything we do. We stand behind quality of our work and expect nothing less from each of our engineers. Our quality focused culture entails taking the long term view, not a quick fix view.

Our definition of quality goes beyond just the quality of the technology deliverables we sign up to complete. It includes things such as to be a quality place of work for our employees, to have quality infrastructure that enables reliable and efficient communication with clients via phone and network, and to continuously engage in client communication to ensure each critical step in the product cycle is aligned with business objectives.

Given that we perform post deployment product support on behalf of some of our clients, we experience first hand that customer perceived quality includes all facets of what a company does, not just the technology that it provides.


Our clients tell us that TERA is extremely easy to work with because we have an engineering culture which allows for a very high level of flexibility with respect to processes and procedures. From the traditional waterfall methodologies to latest agile, iterations based approaches, TERA engineers are willing and able to adapt the preferred ways of a client. In the event that a client doesn't have a preference as to which SDLC process to employ, we can definitely recommend one to be used.

TERA's onshore presence in Portland, OR makes it easy for clients to communicate with us. Clients always have an onshore project contact who is your partner in the local culture and time.

In addition to offshore work, TERA also offers the option to combine onsite and offshore delivery model for comprehensive outsourcing of technology work. You can always rest assured that TERA will deliver good value, regardless of the locale in which the work gets done.

At a business level, we provide another level of flexibility in terms. We do your projects on a time and material pricing basis or on fixed bid pricing, if the requirements are solidly known. It's always the client's choice.